‘Five Past Lives’ EP Launch Night 02/12/16

‘Johnny Powell and the Seasonal Beasts’ are:
Ffion Atkinson, Roger Burnett, Chris Derrick, Paul Mill and Johnny Powell.

The new EP Launch night will be at 9pm at Nelson’s Wine Bar, Hebden Bridge.

EP launch Poster finished.jpg

About the ‘Five Past Lives’ EP:

Five Past Lives is a collection of letters to 5 significant male figures in the history of Johnny Powell, all of which have caused an important spiritual shift and re-direction of mental focus. ‘Five Past Lives’ explores the themes of co-incidence, synchronicity, beauty in death, the origin of suffering, the nature of mind itself, and the importance of extracting meaning from destructive incidents, or relationships.

Five Past Lives is a DIY release, recorded in isolation in a semi-derelict mill (a.k.a. the ‘Mitchell Brothers’ Studio) high on the Old Town moorland above Hebden Bridge. The found sounds and instrumentation all intertwine in a deliberate and focussed manner to conjur the atmosphere of each of the 5 letters.

Reviews from the last release:

Piccadilly Records: ‘Johnny Powell, is still teetering on the edge of troubled genius with this new clutch of soul-scraping, larynx-wobbling freak-folk vignettes’
Leeds Music Scene: 4.5/5 ‘you’ll surely shiver when listening to this low-fi, eerie yet brilliantly brash collection of songs. Fans of artists in the vein of Smog, Neutral Milk Hotel & Bon Iver will no doubt receive it well’
BB6 Radio 6 Music ‘It’s just got us all chilled out and lovely!’
BBC Introducing ‘Exciting times lie ahead for Johnny Powell and co.’
24/7 Magazine: 4.5/5 ‘Johnny Powell’s new solo venture is a harrowing, ethereal creature that swims in delicate voices and folky reflection – like an even lonelier Devendra Banhart. Interesting and affecting’

Last copies of our album ‘The difficulties of…’

There are a couple of copies of our album ‘The difficulties of…’ still left at Piccadilly Records in Manchester (picture below with the hefty review on the front). There are only about 30-odd left to sell in existence now so if anyone would like to buy it you can order the CD here http://johnnypowell.bandcamp.com/

or go to Piccadilly Records of course which is highly recommended🙂

Album in Piccadilly Records

A song that never made the album cut – ‘The World’s Big Mouth’

A new track, ‘The World’s Big Mouth’ that never made the cut for the album, and is probably never going to be re-visited. It recounts some fantastic scrapes and horrific misfortune that myself and a good old friend had over the years. Not for writing about publicly.

It’s a little bit sadcore. Goodbye song! https://soundcloud.com/johnny_powell/the-worlds-big-mouth?in=johnny_powell%2Fsets%2Fdemos-odds-and-sods

New song, never to be finished. ‘40,000 Spirits’- have a listen

I’m giving up on this song. It is a brand new recording, called ‘40,000 Spirits’ but I have never been able to finish the damn thing and do it justice. Here you go. (Recording by Paul Mill up at Wainsgate Chapel, Old Town above Hebden Bridge, 2013).


40,000 Spirits

I saw that crooked little raindrop 
It fell like wickets and squawked like crickets and birds
Not a tear in your eye, but you sold them tickets and played on hungers and thirsts
I hid my corrections and watched the reflections I’d cast since tin-can turf
You like the attention, and that is fine, but I pray you know its worth

Forty-thousand spirits cried
As you threw down food and offered none
And your circle was drenched with liars
Headless chickens on invisible wires

And youíre comfortable in your old shoes
If you didn’t care so much you’d be kind of cool
You’ve been tripping on tongues of lust and thrust by soles of cart-wheeled truths
And I’ve been praying so much that I can’t blame you

I’ve been praying so much I don’t blame you
I’ve been praying so much I don’t blame you
I’ve been praying so much I don’t blame you
I’ve been praying so much I don’t blame you

Forty-thousand spirits cried
As you threw down food and offered none
And your circle was drenched with liars
Headless chickens on invisible wires


Withered Hand and Lovely Eggs support gigs

Hey you lot! OK, recently music has been asked to go to the back of the life priority queue, but, I have to say I am very much looking forward to the next two support gigs with Withered Hand and the Lovely Eggs in Manchester (Dulcimer Bar) and Halifax (Arden Road Social Club) respectively.

Next gigs:

Saturday October 12th supporting Withered hand at Dulcimer Bar, Manchester


A great Withered Hand vid/track here: http://youtu.be/MnPc1-ClfE4


Friday November 8th supporting Lovely Eggs at Arden Road Social Club, Halifax

GIG LINK: https://www.facebook.com/events/148493265357713/?ref=br_tf


Come and say hello, watch, or just drink.

Lovely Eggs support in Halifax and DrownedinSound photos at Clouspotting


Due to a few reasons, (mainly music slipping down my priority list in favour of focussing on family and peace of mind – and training the mind!) I have quite happily not done many gigs recently.

However, this next gig by Doghouse promotions in Halifax seems like a cracking little event, they are a great little crew too, and the Lovely Eggs sound spot on so we will be supporting them at Arden Road Social Club, Halifax on November the 8th. I’m not sure if this will be full band, some band or solo yet, but somebody will be there!🙂

Let us know if you want to be on the guest list:


Also, DrownedinSound were at Cloudspotting Festival the other week and took a photo whilst me and Paul Mill (aka The Lord) were playing our set. You can take a look here: