Poster x 20 copies

Johnny Powell and the Happy Valley

A new temporary incarnation of the band sees ‘Johnny Powell and the Happy Valley’ release a single on March 1st 2016, called ‘The Flood’. The intention being to raise money for those suffering the consequences of the Calder Valley Floods on 26/12/15. All proceeds of the song go to the Flood Relief Fund.

‘Johnny Powell and the Happy Valley’ are:

Chris Derrick, Paul Mill, Martin Nuttall and Johnny.

The song can be downloaded here for just £1:

Limited CD copies, also for just £1, will be available in Hebden Bridge Trades Club, The Golden Lion, Todmorden, Marco’s Cafe, Hebden Bridge, and other places in the valley.

A video of the song has also been produced by Dreamscope TV of Media City and can be viewed here: (soon to be added)

Special thanks go to Rachel Kemp (artwork), Darren Hutchinson (video), Laura Powell (design), Paul Mill (mixing/mastering/putting up with shit), Lambert’s Printers (printing) and all the stockists, and also everybody who helped those struggling during the horrendous boxing day floods.

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