Brand new website, a break from gigs to enjoy some life, and a new album sprouting it’s head

Well, this is the new music website and blog eh. Looks great… not down to my own efforts of course… so firstly a big thanks Vin and Chris for all the hours that went into the design and artwork for the site.

Now… musical news….

Well after a surprisingly busy year of gigging with the new solo project, ending with three gigs which I particularly enjoyed playing with Jeffrey Lewis,  Alasdair Roberts & Jane Taylor, I’m taking a (deserved?) break for a few months to enjoy some huge changes in life. But it’s not all slacking off… behind the scenes there has been much work on the new album which should be ready for the next set of live shows around Autumn 2011…. there’s been many a mad hour spent wandering round with a recording device looking odd, so prepare to strain your ears for the faintest (and probably inaudible!) of sounds that took a ridiculously long time to record as usual …. here’s a preview…

New album preview track – ‘we stayed out all night’ (unmixed as yet)

And a couple of photo’s from the gig with Jane Taylor at Bury Met Arts Centre for good measure… courtesy of Martin Ainsworth.