Manchester gig on Saturday with Withered Hand

Got a gig on Saturday in Manchester at Dulcimer Bar, if you want to come I’d get a ticket as its gonna be a busy one 🙂


Withered Hand and Lovely Eggs support gigs

Hey you lot! OK, recently music has been asked to go to the back of the life priority queue, but, I have to say I am very much looking forward to the next two support gigs with Withered Hand and the Lovely Eggs in Manchester (Dulcimer Bar) and Halifax (Arden Road Social Club) respectively.

Next gigs:

Saturday October 12th supporting Withered hand at Dulcimer Bar, Manchester

A great Withered Hand vid/track here:


Friday November 8th supporting Lovely Eggs at Arden Road Social Club, Halifax



Come and say hello, watch, or just drink.

Lovely Eggs support in Halifax and DrownedinSound photos at Clouspotting


Due to a few reasons, (mainly music slipping down my priority list in favour of focussing on family and peace of mind – and training the mind!) I have quite happily not done many gigs recently.

However, this next gig by Doghouse promotions in Halifax seems like a cracking little event, they are a great little crew too, and the Lovely Eggs sound spot on so we will be supporting them at Arden Road Social Club, Halifax on November the 8th. I’m not sure if this will be full band, some band or solo yet, but somebody will be there! 🙂

Let us know if you want to be on the guest list:

Also, DrownedinSound were at Cloudspotting Festival the other week and took a photo whilst me and Paul Mill (aka The Lord) were playing our set. You can take a look here:


Next Gig: Cloudspotting Festival…next week!

Hello all,

I’ll be the first to admit I have been musically slack for the last couple of months. BUT next week is probably the festival I have been most looking forward to going to, never mind playing at, for a long while. Me and Paul Mill (aka The Lord) will be there.

King Creosote, Clinic, Gulp, Jesca Hoop…there are too many good things to say about this festival so check it out yourself and come along 🙂

Johnny Powell and the big sad face of Infinity x

Thumbs up from BBC6 Music // New Soundcloud page

Twas a pleasant surprise to receive an email from Chris Hawkins at BBC 6Music this week saying they had been playing the new album at the studio this morning and they were all feeling ‘chilled out and lovely’… its getting sent over to Gideon, Tom and Cerys 🙂

Also the new album is on SOUNDCLOUD for your soundclouders here :


Music website updated! – have a look.

The website has now been updated thanks to Vin over in Canada for sorting out another technical dilemma.

– New festival added to the gigs page.

– All press and reviews for the new album is being compiled here (slowly!):

And new blog page (you are reading it but here’s the link anyway 🙂 ):


New Album featured on ‘Sparkle On’ (Sparklehorse fan website)

Very honoured to be on the blog feature of this week (Sparklehorse Fan Website). It has a mini feature of the new album track ‘A supernatural Carnival of Demons’ which features Paul Mill on a borrowed junior drum kit (which I stupidly dropped off at the wrong garage) and an odd homemade cello from memory, a toy megaphone, and an outro solo by Ian Hinton-Smith that goes slightly mental. Thanks! 🙂 

Read the first six album reviews of ‘The difficulties of…’ HERE!

The first few reviews for our new album have started coming through. I have to say thanks for such amazing feedback, I know the music can take some time to absorb/understand/digest so even more pleased that people have really taken time out of their lives to give it such thought. There is time for a bad one yet!

Read the reviews here:

Leeds Music Scene Review:

Piccadilly Records Review:…

Whisperin’ and Hollerin’ Review:

Jumbo Records (short) Review:

Norman Records Review:

24/7 Magazine Review (can’t do the link so here is a jpeg):



Buy the album here:

Cloudspotting Festival 2013 confirmed!!!

JP and the Big Sad Face of Infinity are very excited to have been asked to play at this years Cloudspotting Festival in the beautiful Ribble Valley (near my 1970’s stylee heavyweight caravan! J). We will be sharing the line-up with King Creosote and the Earlies, Clinic and Wave Pictures amongst others- albeit w-a-y down the bill – it’s a really small festival with a ridiculously good line-up so it really is an honour to be asked to play at this one.

Link to the festival site – I have heard nothing but praise for this little festival and cheap as chips too so everyone should get a ticket fast…

Listen/Buy the album here:


Gig with WARM DIGITS this Saturday (20th April) at Hebden trades Club

We have a smashing gig this Saturday night with WARM DIGITS and DJ Red Tin Dave at Hebden Trades Club (NME small venue finalist last year), and fantastic little real ale place. Pleased to be joined by the full Big Sad Face of Infinity crew in its current incarnation, Misters Paul Mill and Ian Hinton-Smith! 🙂

Facebook gig link: