Some nice staff comments from Piccadilly Records.

Piccadilly Records have been kind enough to write some nice comments about our new EP ‘Five Past Lives’ this week. Our EP is on-sale in their wonderful record shop in Manchester’s NQ.

Barry says: “Johnny Powell and co. smash out another pastoral suite of off-kilter folk melodies, psychedelic twisting instrumentals and organic electro-acoustic breakdowns, all topped by warped and emotive vocal flourishes. Brilliantly eccentric, but eminently listenable outsider indie for the soul.”

Piccadilly Records EP page:

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The new EP ‘Five Past Lives’ is OUT NOW!

The brand new EP ‘Five Past Lives’ by ‘Johnny Powell and the Seasonal Beasts’ is on sale now here!:

EP cover.jpg

Reviews from the last release:
‘Fans of artists in the vein of Smog, Neutral Milk Hotel & Bon Iver will no doubt receive it well.’ (Leeds Music Scene)
‘Like an even lonelier Devendra Banhart, interesting and affecting’ (24/7 Magazine)
‘It’s got us all chilled out and lovely’ (BBC 6Music)


‘Johnny Powell and the Seasonal Beasts’ are: Ffion Atkinson, Roger Burnett, Chris Derrick, Paul Mill, and Johnny Powell.

‘Five Past Lives’ EP Launch Night 02/12/16

‘Johnny Powell and the Seasonal Beasts’ are:
Ffion Atkinson, Roger Burnett, Chris Derrick, Paul Mill and Johnny Powell.

The new EP Launch night will be at 9pm at Nelson’s Wine Bar, Hebden Bridge.

EP launch Poster finished.jpg

About the ‘Five Past Lives’ EP:

Five Past Lives is a collection of letters to 5 significant male figures in the history of Johnny Powell, all of which have caused an important spiritual shift and re-direction of mental focus. ‘Five Past Lives’ explores the themes of co-incidence, synchronicity, beauty in death, the origin of suffering, the nature of mind itself, and the importance of extracting meaning from destructive incidents, or relationships.

Five Past Lives is a DIY release, recorded in isolation in a semi-derelict mill (a.k.a. the ‘Mitchell Brothers’ Studio) high on the Old Town moorland above Hebden Bridge. The found sounds and instrumentation all intertwine in a deliberate and focussed manner to conjur the atmosphere of each of the 5 letters.

Reviews from the last release:

Piccadilly Records: ‘Johnny Powell, is still teetering on the edge of troubled genius with this new clutch of soul-scraping, larynx-wobbling freak-folk vignettes’
Leeds Music Scene: 4.5/5 ‘you’ll surely shiver when listening to this low-fi, eerie yet brilliantly brash collection of songs. Fans of artists in the vein of Smog, Neutral Milk Hotel & Bon Iver will no doubt receive it well’
BB6 Radio 6 Music ‘It’s just got us all chilled out and lovely!’
BBC Introducing ‘Exciting times lie ahead for Johnny Powell and co.’
24/7 Magazine: 4.5/5 ‘Johnny Powell’s new solo venture is a harrowing, ethereal creature that swims in delicate voices and folky reflection – like an even lonelier Devendra Banhart. Interesting and affecting’

New album rearing it’s pretty head, and some ageing news. Oh, old EP no longer sold out too!

What’s going on with the big sad face of infinity you ask?

Well, I never got round to talking about the gigs of recent with Drugstore and the Hey Manchester! gig with Last Harbour, who were a loverly bunch of folk. There were some other things I would have mentioned if my memory would kick in but there’s no point waiting for that now, it’s been way too long.

The newest news is the NEW album, finally up and running with recording up at the lonesome and beautiful old decaying chapel of Wainsgate on the hill above Hebden Bridge high in the pennines – it has special significance to me which makes it all the more precious a happening.


Yep, that’s the recent news, recording at wainsgate – going really well thanks to engineering skills of Mr. Mill, taking a real experimental approach – little DIY studio set-up going on, 14 songs possibly 15 – lots of thinking, lots of learning – lots of art installations, lots of biscuits. More people will be drafted in for recording soon too which will be nice. Nice not to have to play anything myself.


 And finally, ‘The broken leg sessions’ EP released on the Rural Colours label last year will no longer be sold out soon thanks to Darren H of Dreamscope Productions for sorting out another pile of them – so feel free to order one on the web page now if you so fancy.


JP and the big sad face of infinity x