Music website updated! – have a look.

The website has now been updated thanks to Vin over in Canada for sorting out another technical dilemma.

– New festival added to the gigs page.

– All press and reviews for the new album is being compiled here (slowly!):

And new blog page (you are reading it but here’s the link anyway 🙂 ):



Meg Baird Gig on Saturday with ‘the big sad face of infinity’ skills.

Hey, why not come watch this on Saturday? I’ll be playing a short set joined by good fellows Ian Hinton-Smith and Paul Mill. The Steals are playing too… can you resist?

That’s a shorty. bye.

Gig with Roddy Woomble (Idlewild), and a new band beginning!

Hello all, s’been a busy musical 5 days… starting last wednesday with the beginnings of a new band format to attempt to create the third dimension in the songs, something that you can almost open a door and get into. First jam with Paul Mill (of ‘The Lord’ and ‘Stan’s Magic Foot’ fame) went exceedingly well. Definitely no shortage of ideas as the talented fella got his hands on the harp, and old casio with 3 second clip recorder, not to mention a miniscule guitar and the Epi Casino. Many an fantastic atmosphere was created for the new album tracks. Looking forward to the next sessions in the studio or the old chapel on the windy hill.

Weekend… amazing gig on Friday with The Steals and Tenth Leper, what a couple of great bands and lovely folk too. Tenth Leper played a really warming set and The Steals were nothing short of phenomenal all round… good times ahead for these folks methinks.

And finally, this Friday 19th – next Johnny Powell gig with Idlewild frontman ‘Roddy Woomble’ who has been carving out a really pretty solo career of recent. Will be supporting him at Hebden Trades Club… on about 8.30 to 9pm.

Ahhh tis getting late.



Testing out some new gear at the Hebden Bridge Street Party!

Quick one, I’ll be playing a little gig this weekend at the Hebden Bridge Transition Town event and Street Party on Saturday afternoon (16th July) at 4.30pm, testing out some new kit and me new mac… expect some serious sound issues!… and a new song or two, maybe even a little Tom Waits. Also not to be missed that day is the Was Ist Das soundsystem

Oh and all media on the new website is now working in firefox, chrome IE etc, Cheers Vin.