New Album featured on ‘Sparkle On’ (Sparklehorse fan website)

Very honoured to be on the blog feature of this week (Sparklehorse Fan Website). It has a mini feature of the new album track ‘A supernatural Carnival of Demons’ which features Paul Mill on a borrowed junior drum kit (which I stupidly dropped off at the wrong garage) and an odd homemade cello from memory, a toy megaphone, and an outro solo by Ian Hinton-Smith that goes slightly mental. Thanks! 🙂 


Gig with WARM DIGITS this Saturday (20th April) at Hebden trades Club

We have a smashing gig this Saturday night with WARM DIGITS and DJ Red Tin Dave at Hebden Trades Club (NME small venue finalist last year), and fantastic little real ale place. Pleased to be joined by the full Big Sad Face of Infinity crew in its current incarnation, Misters Paul Mill and Ian Hinton-Smith! 🙂

Facebook gig link:


Hebden Trades Club with Malcolm Middleton

Couple of photo’s courtesy of ‘Fire Man Dave’ Ford from the gig supporting Malcolm Middleton at Hebden Trades Club. I was tired as hell but it was a really nice evening.

Fire Man Dave is also a fantastic talent at eating and doing all sorts of dangerous things with fire… see here


Salford Trinity Church gig in Manchester next week! – January 17th 2013.


‘Johnny Powell and the Big Sad Face of Infinity’ will be playing one last gig before the album is released and this will be at the beautiful Salford Trinity Church in Manchester not far from Victoria train station. They will be supporting Kirsty McGee and The Listeners will also be playing. The night is put on by the fantastic Little Red Rabbit Records based in Manchester.

You can buy tickets here for £5 – I don’t think there are many….

Read more about it here:

Here is a picture of the fantastic church… it looks amazing in this photo by Peter Rea.

Hopefully see you all there….





New album goings on

I never thought the day would happen with a slackers motivation such as is mine, BUT, the new album is almost finished! 

It has been recorded entirely up at the beautifully decaying Wainsgate Chapel on the lonely, windy, shockingly freezing hill of Old Town above Hebden Bridge.

Here are some very short previews of the goings ons:


JP x

New album rearing it’s pretty head, and some ageing news. Oh, old EP no longer sold out too!

What’s going on with the big sad face of infinity you ask?

Well, I never got round to talking about the gigs of recent with Drugstore and the Hey Manchester! gig with Last Harbour, who were a loverly bunch of folk. There were some other things I would have mentioned if my memory would kick in but there’s no point waiting for that now, it’s been way too long.

The newest news is the NEW album, finally up and running with recording up at the lonesome and beautiful old decaying chapel of Wainsgate on the hill above Hebden Bridge high in the pennines – it has special significance to me which makes it all the more precious a happening.


Yep, that’s the recent news, recording at wainsgate – going really well thanks to engineering skills of Mr. Mill, taking a real experimental approach – little DIY studio set-up going on, 14 songs possibly 15 – lots of thinking, lots of learning – lots of art installations, lots of biscuits. More people will be drafted in for recording soon too which will be nice. Nice not to have to play anything myself.


 And finally, ‘The broken leg sessions’ EP released on the Rural Colours label last year will no longer be sold out soon thanks to Darren H of Dreamscope Productions for sorting out another pile of them – so feel free to order one on the web page now if you so fancy.


JP and the big sad face of infinity x


News!: BBC Radio Manc / Drugstore / James Blackshaw / Last Harbour / New album

A bit of temporary busyness going on at the moment. Last week was a really nice support slot with Drugstore who put in a real gutsy show at Hebden Trades Club… also joined them on stage to sing on their new single ‘Aquamarine’ which was a bit of a larf. really nice night all round and they were a good bunch of folk. Their new album is getting good feedback too

Some gigs we’re really looking forward to coming up…

this sunday, A Hey Manchester! event with Last Harbour and A Rookery at Hebden Bridge Trades. Followed by a gig at the fantastic Band on the Wall in Manchester on Monday 2nd of April with Air Cav who sound fantastic live. I’ve watched a vid.

This one should be spot on. A Sneeze Nights event on May the 7th at The Works in Sowerby Bridge with James Blackshaw (YOung God Records amongst others) listened to his albums many a time and, man, do they drag you in.

Finally they’re playing a Johnny Powell and the Big Sad Face of Infinity track or two live on BBC Radio Introducing Manchester this sunday (i think). I have no more details on this. I believe it is to promote the ‘New Manchester Review’ night we’re playing at next week which sounds like a great event to keep your ear out for over the coming months.

Fare ye well.

JPatbsfoi x

New year and some new gigs a comin’ with ‘Cherry Ghost’, ‘Drugstore’ & more

Well, a new years a comin’ so there’s some new gigs uploaded on the ‘gigs’ page of the website. first up is at the lovely Gaslight Club night at Oporto in Leeds. Also playing will be the awesome folkster Gary Stewart and the equally fantastic ‘Lymon Willis’ who are one of the best bands I’ve played with in the last few years in Leeds. Also coming are gigs at the Puzzle Hall, Sowerby Bridge on February 16th,  a cracking little venue, as well as a support slot on Feb 17th at The Wardrobe, Leeds with ‘Cherry Ghost’ from Bolton who you can see on Jools Holland at the link below:

Following this, a home turf gig with ‘Drugstore’ at the legendary Hebden Bridge Trades Club!

you can see them here with Thom Yorke of Radiohead:

I’m also planning to play at ‘Paradox’ poetry/alternative night in Feb or March with ‘the big sad face of infinity’. The Paradox nights have got to be one of the best nights going in Manchester at the moment so come on down for a listen.. you never know what yer gonna get!

Oh I should mention that these gigs are more than likely to be in a band format rather than a solo set with the much appreciated presence and skills of Paul Mill, possibly Ian Hinton-Smith and hopefully, Chris Derrick at some of the gigs if they can make em’. 

There may also be more gigs that I’ve forgot to mention as this update has sneakily turned into a ramble.


Meg Baird Gig on Saturday with ‘the big sad face of infinity’ skills.

Hey, why not come watch this on Saturday? I’ll be playing a short set joined by good fellows Ian Hinton-Smith and Paul Mill. The Steals are playing too… can you resist?

That’s a shorty. bye.