Some nice staff comments from Piccadilly Records.

Piccadilly Records have been kind enough to write some nice comments about our new EP ‘Five Past Lives’ this week. Our EP is on-sale in their wonderful record shop in Manchester’s NQ.

Barry says: “Johnny Powell and co. smash out another pastoral suite of off-kilter folk melodies, psychedelic twisting instrumentals and organic electro-acoustic breakdowns, all topped by warped and emotive vocal flourishes. Brilliantly eccentric, but eminently listenable outsider indie for the soul.”

Piccadilly Records EP page:

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Last copies of our album ‘The difficulties of…’

There are a couple of copies of our album ‘The difficulties of…’ still left at Piccadilly Records in Manchester (picture below with the hefty review on the front). There are only about 30-odd left to sell in existence now so if anyone would like to buy it you can order the CD here

or go to Piccadilly Records of course which is highly recommended 🙂

Album in Piccadilly Records

Read the first six album reviews of ‘The difficulties of…’ HERE!

The first few reviews for our new album have started coming through. I have to say thanks for such amazing feedback, I know the music can take some time to absorb/understand/digest so even more pleased that people have really taken time out of their lives to give it such thought. There is time for a bad one yet!

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24/7 Magazine Review (can’t do the link so here is a jpeg):



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